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Jenn-outdoors-2ar"I now consider Jennifer Hoang my primary care physician. She is the first clinician I seek for advice if I am having a symptom of poor health. I trust Jennifer to diagnose my condition and provide effective treatment or to refer me if she judges that my condition requires another practitioner. In addition and unlike care from an allopathic or osteopathic physician, Jennifer is improving my overall health and well-being, not simply treating symptoms.”

- Karen, MPH, PhD, Professor of Public Health,
SUNY Stony Brook Health Science Center

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AcupunctureNeedleAcupuncture is among the oldest healing practices in the world. As part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is based on the concept that disease results from disruption in the flow of Qi (life force energy) and imbalance in the forces of yin and yang.

By stimulating specific points on the body using a variety of techniques, acupuncture removes blockages in the flow of Qi, restores, and maintains health.

Acupuncture treatments optimize the health of the mind, body, and spirit for people of all ages. Although acupuncture is known in the United States mostly for its effective treatment of pain, it has remarkable therapeutic effects for a vast majority of common health conditions (see Treatment – conditions treated).

Acupuncture as a healing art has over 2500 years of clinical history, and its holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment is crucial to its effectiveness. This natural and drug-free approach allows the body to move towards healing itself without the use of drugs that could pollute one's system with long term usage.

Patient Advisory To Consult a Physician

While Traditional Chinese medicine has a great deal to offer as a health care system, it cannot completely replace the resources available through conventional Western medical practices. Consequently, we recommend that you consult a physician regarding any condition(s) for which you are seeking from the office of Acupuncture Tradition.

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